Mouans sartoux

The message from the Mayor

The forest and natural spaces of Mouans-Sartoux occupy 450 hectares, or about the
third of our municipality.
Do you know them? This brochure is meant to help you to discover.
On foot from downtown, the parking lot of the Canebiers or Plan Sarrain, you can
walk its trails. Not less than eleven routes are proposed, one
three hours of walking.
In addition, the 12 and 13 walks offer a link Ranguin and Grasse at
Mouans-Sartoux. Finally, 14 hiking offers you the possibility to cross all the
town of Mouans-Sartoux by taking a portion of the way of St. James of
Compostela (GR653A).
Provided you follow a few safety tips which are given to you at the beginning
brochure, these hikes present no difficulty and no danger.
Mouans-Sartoux forest is a precious space, we've been able to maintain, and that
We are happy to share.
The commune has published a booklet, allowing you to enjoy its fauna and flora, through the
"inventory work citizen ' directed by the Conservatory of natural PACA areas
between 2011 and 2014. You can get it at City Hall. It will complement nicely
your walks.
Here, I wish to thank all those who allowed the edition of this brochure:
-the 'SCMS rando' of Mouans-Sartoux, who has reviewed and completed all the
descriptions of itineraries and who performed the operations of markup,
-the technical services of the municipality, elected officials and volunteers who have
performed reconnaissance needed on the ground and who have reviewed and improved
This brochure,
- and finally the Tourist Office that publishes this brochure and available from the
Thanks to them, you can enjoy our beautiful Nature mouansoise, two steps of at
you, and you will quickly become its most ardent defenders.
Good walks at all!


Mayor of Mouans-Sartoux

Attention caution!
During your walks in Mouans-Sartoux, you're going to borrow forest roads, but
also some sections of road on which you will be a vulnerable pedestrian.
To walk safely on the paths of our municipality, we invite you to
be vigilant and follow the following recommendations as well as the rules applicable to the
pedestrian you will find at the end of this brochure.
Safe on the trails:
To make your ride pleasantly, here are some simple tips:
-Watch the weather and dress accordingly (hat, glasses, windbreaker...).
-Go with proper footwear.
-Take some food and water.
-If you are alone, a whistle is recommended (if unable to move following a
-Follow the recommended routes and take no shortcuts.
-If you walk a dog, it must be from you and kept on a leash.
-If you experience hives or hear buzzing, move away without
panic and no sudden moves.
On your way you will find the classic signs of the great hiking trails
(GR) and short hike (PR) with the usual direction, as well as indications of the markup